Volunteers | ReactiveConf2018



Volunteers are irreplaceable part of our conference. By volunteering you will join our universal journey through unique insights of functional development presented on the stage by pioneers of modern technology.
Does the following fit your personality?
  • in love with technology
  • good communication skills
  • excellent command of English
  • willing to take an initiative with ability to collaborate

What would be volunteers’ responsibility?

We want to ensure trouble-free experience for each of our attendees coming to ReactiveConf. But to do so we need help of volunteers. We have positions as happiness managers, speaker coordinators, welcomers, captains of direction, joy creators - all responsible for the satisfaction of all attendees. Come strengthen your soft skills through the collaboration with interesting people, embracing diversity of thought.

When will I work? Can you guarantee me to see particular Speaker?

The shift and duty selection is one of the most difficult tasks awaiting us before the conference (every volunteer, for a free ticket to Reactiveconf, is required to attend to duties ⅓ of conference time). Particular shifts will be divided fairly and every volunteer will have a lot of free time to enjoy conference program. Because the speaker schedule might be subject to change we are unable to guarantee fulfilment of such a request.

What is a volunteer selection process?

Volunteers will be selected according to their overall suitability and who best fit the criteria embodying a ReactiveConf Volunteer.

Read our general volunteer policy before registering into Volunteers program.

Please send your CV and 2-3 motivation sentences why you wanna become ReactiveConf volunteer/why should we pick you as a volunteer tovolunteerup@reactiveconf.com