Reason DOJO: React and GraphQL | ReactiveConf2018

Reason DOJO: React and GraphQL

Sean Grove



Duration: 3h 30min
Max. audience: 50
Price: 20 €
Wednesday, October 31

Dojo format

The best way to learn a new programming language is to build something real using it. But it can be intimidating to try something new, so we're going to all do it together!

We'll split up in small pair-programming groups in which one person will code, and the others will guide at a high level what that person should code. We'll all make the same cool thing in 2h30-3h and will compare at the end, and share what we liked/disliked and what we got hung up on.

There will be plenty of people who know ReasonML, so no group will get stuck on frustrating problems.

Schedule: Editor setup! We'll help everyone get a working Reason editor!

Group hacking on our projects

Demos, share thoughts/experience and recommendations for how Reason and its ecosystem can be improved based on our experience today.

Reason Dojo: React and GraphQL

Let's build a small ReasonReact app from the ground up that will read/write with real-world GraphQL APIs.

We'll start from the basics, going over built in Reason data structures, syntax, libraries, editor/compiler tooling, and continue our way up into ReasonReact JSX, Javascript interop, and typed GraphQL support.


Sean Grove

He's been convinced there are better ways to develop applications across the stack for years. Sean, the founder of Bushido and specialist in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and applications of social models, will be speaking on ReactiveConf 2018.

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