Building type-safe applications with Flow and GraphQL | ReactiveConf2018

Building type-safe applications with Flow and GraphQL

Vladimir Guguiev & David Vass



Duration: 3h 30min
Max. audience: 10 - 15
Price: 20 €
Wednesday, October 31

We are going to build a React application that has extensive type-checking starting from the data fetching all the way to the individual UI components. We will learn how to marry together different type systems: GraphQL and Flow and how to use them in a context of a React application.


Vladimir Guguiev

Vladimir has 7+ years of experience in web development, he is passionate about modern slick interfaces, neat app architecture and tech mentorship. Vladimir holds the position of Tech Lead of the Website Team at Showmax where he is currently working on a product that is changing the video streaming business landscape in developing markets (Eastern Europe, Africa).

David Vass

David started as visual designer, then full stack developer, then sole web frontend developer for past ~4 years and now leads frontend team at Showmax.

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