Introduction to Elm | ReactiveConf2018

Introduction to Elm

Tessa Kelly



Duration: 6h
Max. audience: 15
Price: 20 €
Wednesday, October 31

Elm is a functional, typed language that compiles to JavaScript, and it's a language that's aimed at making frontend development a pleasure. In this workshop, we'll explore the basics of Elm, with time devoted both to basic syntax and to the core principles of the Elm language. We'll also explore some of the tooling that makes Elm a delight to work with. If you're frustrated by runtime exceptions, you're curious about functional programming, or you don't want to argue about code formatting, then this is the workshop for you!


Tessa Kelly

Tessa Kelly is a software engineer at NoRedInk, an edtech company helping teachers teach grammar and writing, where she builds out new features in Elm, writes the occasional blog post, and never needs to argue about the Oxford comma. She is the creator and maintainer of the accessible-html library, and spoke about it at elm-conf 2017. Tessa holds a BA in mathematics from New York University, where she minored in history and Middle Eastern studies.

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