Introduction to ClojureScript | ReactiveConf2018

Introduction to ClojureScript

Roman Liutikov



Duration: 4h
Max. audience: 10 - 15
Price: 20 €
Wednesday, October 31

ClojureScript is a compiler for Clojure language that targets JavaScript. It is a modern Lisp with strong emphasis on pragmatic functional programming. ClojureScript favors immutability and simplicity, it proved that React is actually faster with immutable data structures. Today the language is being heavily used for building UIs with React that runs on the web and mobile, with React Native, as well as backend services with Node and JVM. This workshop covers basics of the language through a set of lectures and exercises. We are going to explore ClojureScript’s idioms, learn syntax, data structures, standard library of the language and see how it is used to model UIs.


Roman Liutikov

Roman is a front-end developer at Attendify where he is building UIs with ClojureScript and React. In spare time he's exploring ideas and maintaining open-source tools and libraries for both JavaScript and ClojureScript developers.

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