Simplify your data processing with BakeryJS | ReactiveConf2018

Simplify your data processing with BakeryJS

Milan Lepik & Jan Vlnas



Duration: 3h
Max. audience: 10 - 15
Price: 20 €
Wednesday, October 31

BakeryJS is a lightweight Node.js framework you can use to handle common data processing needs. It integrates easily with existing code and it is simpler to deploy and manage than big data solutions, like Apache NiFi, Hadoop, or Apache Spark. BakeryJS also provides extensible support for monitoring, debugging and tracing in production. Why would you need it? Think of common data processing needs with many small-scale data manipulations. The data is retrieved, shaped, extended, stored, and sent to UI. Imagine you divide complex data processing tasks into smaller reusable components or “Boxes” (Black box with your business logic). BakeryJS gives you straightforward options to connect these boxes into powerful data flows which could solve your tasks. BakeryJS runs your Boxes asynchronously and deals with different processing speed of each Box. With BakeryJS you will gain performance monitoring of each Box in Flow and REST API to run your Flow. It saves us time and money. The workshop will give you a hands-on experience of BakeryJS. We will implement a cryptocurrency exchange market grabber which will show you how to:

  • Write custom boxes to grab, enrich, transform, and aggregate data,
  • wire-up data flow from existing and custom components,
  • register and invoke data flow,
  • debug, trace and monitor running data flow.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js
  • Working Node.js 8+ and NPM 6+ installation

Milan Lepik

Milan is passionate leader of data gathering & processing team in Socialbakers. During 6 years in his position he experienced several approaches how to deal with real-time processing of incoming data. His ultimate goal is having an automated platform downloading data from hundreds of different sources, that requires only minimum maintenance intervention while being perfectly monitored in case of something unusual occur. While working with Social network APIs & other external data sources there is always something that will go wrong. In that case operations team needs to be notified as soon as possible and be able to fix it quickly with minimum impact on product.

Jan Vlnas

Jan is a web developer with interest in various programming paradigms and obscure histories of computing. He tames legacy code in Node.js backends at Socialbakers and teaches web development with Czechitas.

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